01This is the opening speech I prepared and delivered at KMS Year End Party, just happened last Friday. It’s a bit of beautiful thing about KMS that I would love to share with you all.

Dear all,

It’s always a great pleasure to be here on the stage to start one of our biggest parties in the year, the Year End Party, to really say goodbye to 2014. Once we look back, it’s easy to see that time is flying fast. And yes, we are here, ready for 2015.  Continue reading “Who fly the kite?”

01Thanksgiving is something far away from Vietnam. Yet, as I am working with my partners and clients in the US everyday, it’s become part of the culture that I also look forward to it every year.

While I don’t do turkey or stuff here, in #‎Saigon, there is one thing I would do on this occasion. As the name of the holiday “Thanksgiving”, I would love to take this chance to do one thing: giving thanks… Words certainly can’t express everything. But at least, it conveys the message. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving 2014”

01In a lunch-time discussion with one of my friends today, we have talked about what would it be for an ideally happy job… What an interesting question? And as I usually see, if we don’t ask, we don’t find the answer. So, what is it, Mr. Ideally Happy Job? Continue reading “An ideally happy job?”

1068 meter in height, 6 km in length with thousands of stone stair-cases through the mountain, 4 hours walking up, and a few great lessons, reflection from it. And I’m going to share with you what I learned from this experience in this blog post.

The top of Yen Tu mountain

Continue reading “Yen Tu Challenge and the lesson learned”

It was another usual Saturday for me and my wife. Woke up a little bit late, spent a little time in the morning with my angel BA. Then, me and my wife went out for breakfast and market to buy food for the whole week. It is a sunshine morning, a little bit hot (around 33 Celsius degree). But that should be okay, when you can have a Sat morning, mind free from worries and pressure. Everything is bright and shining. Then, I found out a new song that made my day even better. It was being played as a request from one audience on the VOV Radio – A traffic channel. I loved the song right away with the fast rhythm, beautiful melody and above of all, I like the positive lyrics of the song. Thanks to Minh Quan. You somehow brought back my confidence for the next generation of Vietnamese composers who can compose beautiful, meaningful, and positive songs like this one. Enjoy the song, guys!

Continue reading “Niềm tin khát khao”

Finally, the day has come, when all of VEMBA 1 HCMC members gathered again to enjoy the fruitfulness of 20 month hard work. The hall was full of laughter, happiness among VEMBA people and families. The event closed one chapter of our lives, while opening another chapter ahead of us. Wishing all the best to VEMBA 1 HCMC. Continue reading “Happy moments, bright faces during VEMBA 1 HCMC’s graduation ceremony – 07/11/2009”

What a wonderful Sunday! Once I scrolled down the road to class (yes, class on Sunday – That’s how we are taking our VEMBA program), I happened to enjoy this free, open-air concert. Sometimes, it was flamenco, the other times it was traditional Vietnamese folk songs. What I got today was a kid band (big one though) who played trumpet. Felt great (before having the final exam today) in my very peaceful and joyful Saigon. 

Almost Vietnamese knew this song in the last 2 years or so. It was a touching story about a Vietnamese oversea girl who found her origin from a song that she herself sang and was broken out in tears. I love the song, the rhythm, the sounds. But yet really came into the lyrics. Recently, I found it from David’s Slideshare. Thanks to David for your great one!

Reading it word by word, it is more appealing about how lovely our Vietnam is! I’m thankful for that. And I got the link to youtube for the song too (from Phi Hung’s comment) performed by Quynh Anh. Beautiful! Hello my Vietnam!

I’ve got introduction for this from my professor at University of Hawaii. Found it good because it helps motivate me to be more positive everyday. It’s quite simple that you’re seeing what you want to see. If you want to see good things, it’s likely that you’re filtering out all the not-good-things :). Enjoy the video and hope you’ll be joining me to the positive community.


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