“The myth is stronger than the truth…”

Got this meaningful lyrics once listening on the way to a cafe appointment this morning.

The myth is stronger than the truth, and the truth can sometimes lie

To see it all for what it was, you need an uncorrupted eye

Was the journey worth it, only time will tell

The Beat Hotel | Allan Taylor

What would you say? Yes, we are usually overwhelmed by those myths. They seem much stronger and bigger than the truth. And there comes the fear, deriving from the myth – the unknown. Although, most of the time, it is unreal fear.

It’s like a trap for all of us in this world. Fear comes from what we don’t know, from the truth we haven’t known. And because of the lack of known, it keeps haunting us and building more fear in us. Paradoxically, at the same time, we’re kinda addicted to mysteriousness. Then, it would help to strengthen the trap more and more.

Can we break that loop? How can we break that loop?

And more importantly, do you see that loop? Do you want break that loop? I can’t answer that question for you. You have to answer it for yourself, for your life, for your happiness.

And then, even once we think that we know the truth, it can sometimes … lie… That’s because we got to know the wrong truth :). Seeing things in the real truth is something we have to strive to continuously sharpen in the course of our lifetime.

I think it’s hard for us to see the real truth right away. But we can see deeper and deeper layers of the truth, once we are getting more and more mature.

That’s how I found myself so fortunate to know and practise meditation. As in the nutshell, meditation is all about sharpening my observation, my knowing at the present moment, which is the only moment that I can live. Past and future are all illusion and thoughts. I don’t live there. But my mind keeps trying to convince me to live there. That’s how I miss the truth – big time.

Mindfulness, living in the present, knowing what is happening in the present is the very “uncorrupted eye”, helping us to see.

Many time we don’t want to believe in what we see or we may skip what we need to see. Only time and our courage to learn and experience can tell what is good for us and what is not.

Are you seeing or are you just living by?

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