I'm in progress to convert my book,The Happiness Journal (, to audio book. One of the steps is to find a real-person, professional narrator for the book (as all of the audio book stores would not accept computer generated audio). And that's when I really feel the power of the Internet, the globalization or the … Continue reading Globalization

My very first English book is available now Released on Thanksgiving Day 2019 (US time) Last week, my very first English book called The Happiness Journal, was published on Thanksgiving Day 2019, through Amazon. It's now available in Kindle format only. The paperback would be out in 1-2 months. I think it would be a great gift to everyone on this occasion … Continue reading My very first English book is available now

Choose to become a contributor. Period.

"Society, family, and company, they all really need people who can contribute - contributors. Also, it’s only them, the contributors, who can blow the air of energy and success along with meaningful achievements for society, family, and company that they are with."From The Happiness Journal Be a contributor, fully. Then, success and happiness would follow... … Continue reading Choose to become a contributor. Period.