I’m in progress to convert my book,The Happiness Journal (, to audio book. One of the steps is to find a real-person, professional narrator for the book (as all of the audio book stores would not accept computer generated audio). And that’s when I really feel the power of the Internet, the globalization or the like.

Once I post my project to one of the platforms for freelancer narrators, I got 36 offers. So cool. My requirement is something like this: “An energetic, warm, inspiring, trustworthy as well as calm and peaceful voice. As throughout the book, it does imply meditation / mindfulness at the core to pursue happiness. I’m 44 now and I’d love to find a voice suitable with my age. US English voice.”

Oh yeah… Just a simple click on the browser, I can hire people in the US to do the job, while sitting far far away in Vietnam. It’s so wonderful to experience it. So thrilled…

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