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Tản mạn về Hạnh phúc là cuốn sách đầu tay của tôi, đã được phát hành ở Việt Nam bởi Saigon Books vào tháng 11/2019.

Link mua sách ở TIKI: https://tiki.vn/tan-man-ve-hanh-phuc-p41549122.html

English content

My very first English book called The Happiness Journal was released on Thanksgiving Day 2019, through Amazon.

It got to Top 100 in Personal Success & Spirituality and Personal Success in Business on Amazon.

It’s available in both paperback and Kindle format.

Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1692384937

I do write in English and you can refer to all posts I’ve written in English here.