I certainly call this happiness

This is the note of a happy man, writing to his co-workers on the 7th anniversary of the company called KMS Technology, which he co-founded and has been part of it since then.

Dear all KMSers,

I got Quynh’s (Xuka Lam) status posted here in the morning, reminding me that today is the official anniversary day for KMS, the 7th. And we’re turning 8 from today, officially.

And then, once I viewed all of the photos captured in our YEP2015 last Friday, it easily overwhelmed me.It is simply about all the faces, laughters, joyful moments in all of the pictures. We had a great night last Friday. That’s certainly the result of the great work of a great team called KMSers in the last 7 years. Not a single doubt.

What I did was that I tried to collect all the photos that I am in of the 750+ photos in the album (which you can see below). You can see my happiness through my eyes and my laughing, agree? Not a single doubt.

And I believe you if you collect your pictures, you’ll see the same. We are happy (perhaps too much happy that some of us drank quite many glasses that night and we needed the following Sat and Sun to recover :)).

Looking forward, I would see the same thing, HAPPINESS, for all of us, awaiting. Not a single doubt. And that happiness is not something we inherit from God or so. That’s is coming from the teamwork and the bright minds we have, as a group called KMSers. I’m blessed that I have a chance to work with such a great team, KMSers. On this special occasion, our 7th anniversary, I’d like to once again thank each one of you for being part of KMS and bringing us this far. Happy 7th KMS Anniversary 2016. And more of these will certainly come in the upcoming years.

May you all be well, happiness, healthy and well throughout the Year of Monkey, 2016.



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