Happy Thanksgiving 2014

01Thanksgiving is something far away from Vietnam. Yet, as I am working with my partners and clients in the US everyday, it’s become part of the culture that I also look forward to it every year.

While I don’t do turkey or stuff here, in #‎Saigon, there is one thing I would do on this occasion. As the name of the holiday “Thanksgiving”, I would love to take this chance to do one thing: giving thanks… Words certainly can’t express everything. But at least, it conveys the message.

  • First of all, I’d like to send my thankfulness to my parents and parents in law, who “made” us to this life. And who have raised us to be us today.
  • Secondly, I’d like to thank my dear wife, who has been with me in the last 20 years:). Long enough time, right? You are not just my partner, you are also my mentor… I think that’s the fortune that somehow I’ve got in this life.
  • Then, I’d like to thank my little daughter, who have come to our life (though not really that she planned it :)). Little princess, you have brought us countless happiness moments and too many lessons to become better parents. I learned and grew a lot being with you. Ah… you are another “teacher” in my life.
  • Next… I’d like to thank all KMS Technology staff, who are currently working in the family as well as who have left. In the past 6 years, it’s my privilege to have chances to know, to work, and enjoy too many precious moments with you. Too happy that it has become my second family here, at KMS, the big one.
  • And finally, I would like to thank all of my friends, relatives,… People usually see me as a happy person. And you know what…? The reason is that because I have you as friends and relatives. You, not anyone else, have given me happiness in this life.
  • If you think this is something we should do in Thanksgiving time, join me by adding comments to this post. And together, we can build bigger and bigger token of appreciation to our loved one on this occasion.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

Image source: http://jennifercooks.com/

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