Who fly the kite?

01This is the opening speech I prepared and delivered at KMS Year End Party, just happened last Friday. It’s a bit of beautiful thing about KMS that I would love to share with you all.

Dear all,

It’s always a great pleasure to be here on the stage to start one of our biggest parties in the year, the Year End Party, to really say goodbye to 2014. Once we look back, it’s easy to see that time is flying fast. And yes, we are here, ready for 2015. 

Yesterday officially marked our 6 anniversary of KMS. And I want to share a short story with you tonight.

One windy March day the Mayor of the town decided to take a stroll across the park. He ran into a small boy who was flying the biggest and most beautiful kite he had ever seen.

It soared high and gently across the sky that the mayor was sure it could be seen in the next city. This little town didn’t have very many things that were spectacular, so the Mayor decided to award a “key to the city” to the one responsible for such a beautiful thing.

“Who is responsible for flying this kite?” the Mayor asked.

“I am,” said the little boy holding with all his might to the beautiful big kite. He said, “I made this huge kite myself, with my own hands. I painted all of the colorful pictures on it, and I fly it!”

“I am,” said the wind. “It is my breeze that keeps it in the air flying so big and beautiful. Unless I blow on it, it will not fly at all. I fly it!”

“Not so,” claimed the kite’s tail. “I make it sail and give it stability against the wind’s blowing gusts. Without me the kite would spin out of control and not even the boy could save it from crashing to the earth. I fly the kite!”

So, who flies the kite?

They all do, don’t they? In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work it easy to forget that everyone flies the kite.

[I got the story from here]

And the same story at our KMS, who has flied KMS kite to this height? It is each and all of us. We should always remember that. And this is the best moment for me, on behalf of the management team, to thank each one of us here, who has flied our KMS kite. Also, I would like to send my special thanks to all family members of KMSers, who have supported our brothers and sisters each and everyday to bring KMS this far. Thank you.

I’m now exciting to announce the start of our Year End Party tonight. Have a great evening and Happy New Year. Thank you.

Image credit: http://www.theruralramble.ca/listings/136/

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