Happiness comes once you know that you has helped someone

01I wrote this as part of the conversation I have maintained internally with KMSers at KMS Technology Vietnam. I and think it’s worth to share it here to everyone as well. Now, I know why I had the urge to do this slide convincing people to read before: Why do you have to read?. And the result has come after all.

Hello all,

We are starting the long weekend and the long holiday very soon. And I would like to share with you an email I got last weekend (see below). A moving message from one of my friends (I translated it from Vietnamese to English to be consistent with the content here). Happiness certainly comes from the moment you know that you can help others.

Hi anh Hung,

There are two stories I want to share with you:

  • My high school friend’s husband got a traffic incident 2 years ago with a serious brain damage. Now, she is raising her 3 year old daughter and working in Hanoi. She goes back every week to his husband’s hometown to pay a visit to her husband (who are now being taken care by his family).
  • My sister who just married recently and just a few months after that her husband got killed in an incident. She became a widow once she was very young.

Both are closed to me and both ran into too big of an issue of psychology and the direction for their future. They were stuck and lost in direction. Everyone tried to encourage them. But seemed like it was not working, Because no one can fully understand and experience the situation in reality, but them.

I’m no expert or the like to help them with solutions or such. But I did recommend only one thing: Take time to calm their mind and read. I bought my friend a Alezaa premium account with one note: Pick one suitable book and spend time to read. And the wonder has happened: she felt much better. She has gained back the motivation to work and to enjoy this life with her loved ones.

For my sister, there need to have more of time to calm her down and more time to read. But I believe the wonder will come to her ultimately.

Again, thank you a lot for indirectly giving me and others the way to find solutions for ourselves through reading.

Have a nice weekend.

By inspiring people to read, I never thought that I would receive the wonderful note like this one day. And once it came, I was so overwhelmed with it. As much as I can rationale, I believe in reading and I’ve kept trying convincing people to read. And some got those wonders. It’s not that you can help in every situation. But seeing some wonders like this would make your day, agree?

I hope by sharing this message, I can once again convince you to read more, especially during the long holiday ahead.

Stay safe and happy with your loved ones for the next 4 days.




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