Happiness starts with the definition of it

After starting to viral this question “What would make you happy?“, I have received quite many answers on the first day. It’s very exciting reading all the answers. One young person has responded as below.
“Be, just be, being myself, be a part of this universe… Just be, nothing more, nothing less… So then I can experience everything that life can / has to offer.”
From a young person between 22-30.

Wonderful, don’t you agree? Do you have your own answer? If you do, fill in the form as  commitment for your own happiness. There are a few notes here:

  • There is no such right or wrong answer to this question. The answer is for yourself to experience, for your own happiness.
  • If you haven’t had the answer, start searching one for yourself and start stepping on your happiness journey.
  • Being able to articulate the answer to this question is really a great step to commit to live up to the values that you think it would bring you happiness.
  • The answer should act as a direction, a guidance for your life. And it should be specific, realistic enough in order for your to validate it through your daily life. If it doesn’t meet those requirement (i.e. It is not able for you to validate and experience those qualities of happiness) then… happiness is quite vague to you. Do seek for a better answer.
  • Everything is changing. And the answer to this question is also changing once time is passing, depending on your experience and your spiritual maturity. Therefore, it would be very interesting to see how your answer would change (which only you can know and experience it for yourself),
  • Once you can really validate the asnwer and experience what you think it would make you happy, most of us would also find out that it doesn’t really bring you real happiness. And you would want to revise the answer and continue with the validation process again. That’s a wonderful process of learning and maturing yourself.
Do start this process by the very first version of your answer. Answer it here: What would make you happy?

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