Today, it was a very special day in Vietnam, once the whole country was waving goodbye to our Legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap. It really moved me seeing millions of Vietnamese were out there on the street to show the respect to our General. This is the first time in my life to witness this, the unforgettable moment of seeing so many Vietnamese to be this close together. It did give me one thing – the belief. What happened today in the funeral of the great General is because of one and only one thing. That is him, who lived a great life, sacrificing and giving his heart and his blood for the country. And that is how he wins the hearts of millions of Vietnamese. I believe that if you can live a life of fully giving out like him, you’ll be missed, big time. May you rest in peace up there, our great General Vo Nguyen Giap. You have lived your full life for the country and all of us. You’ll be in our hearts. Continue reading ““Can you help me in searching for a meaningful life?””

I got this one question in CIO Network group from Linkedin.com. I did share my thought there and I will paste it here to share once again. While it works for CIO role, I would think you can change it with the other C title and it works with the same principle as well.

From Tej Powar – Senior .NET Developer at Lloyds Banking Group

One of my ambitions is to become a CIO. Thought it would be good to get an insight of how some people have reached there. I understand alot of hard work and commitment is required which I have got. But any tips to working towards becoming a CIO would be great.

Continue reading “How do you work towards becoming a CIO?”

Can you do me a favor? Please listen to the sound track on the right first, without asking any reason why. Please do it, before you go on and read.

What do you feel?

This piece of chanting is a very powerful one in Buddhism. However, I would not ask you to research and try to understand the meaning of it. The piece of music and the sound itself would do it all. Just stay back and experience it. Let it bring peace into your soul. Even my little daughter… she’s has loved this since she was a bit more than 2. Certainly, she doesn’t need to understand it. Yet, it surely gives her a wonderful feeling and that’s how she keeps asking about it.

Sometimes, we don’t need to ask anything. Just be ready, be open, and experience things directly into our heart, just like listening to this beautiful chanting.

You can download it here.

01This is my prepared speech for project 4 at KMS Toastmaster Club.

Hello Fellow Toastmasters and guests. Today, I will talk about how to control yourself when you are angry. To deal with anger, you should understand what is so bad about it. And I will share with you two effective tips to calm you down. Only 2. No big deal. And those two will melt you down in most of the cases. Let’s start. Continue reading “Two tips for your anger management”

This is from a speech I prepared to talk at KMS Toastmaster Club and I think it’s worth to share here. The topic is about How to earn self-confidence.

We often lose our self-confidence once we fear something: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear that I love her but that she doesn’t love me. Or we doubt: doubt about our success in the near future, doubt that she would love me as much as I would love her. Continue reading “How to find your self-confidence?”

01This is the article I wrote for VEMBA Newsletter Vol 2. Issue. You can access the whole issue here:


Rewinding back to 2007, I was at a cross road. I was faced with the basic question that we all ask throughout our lives: “What is my next step?” I didn’t have a clear answer. At that time, I received a recommendation to join the newly launched VEMBA-HCMC program. Continue reading “GOOD PEOPLE: The Key to Success”

This is my speech on the launch of KMS Toastmaster Club in 2011 as a Thank you note to all the effort to establish and run a wonderful Toastmaster club at KMS. I think it’s worth to share the spirit here to everyone. So, I copied and pasted it here.

To begin with, I have a story to share with you today.10 years ago, in 2001, I had a meeting with client in Phoenix, Arizona, America. During the meeting, there was a big fight within me. I used to be a shy guy, shy from talking in public, in a group of people. In addition to that fact, my English  was just at the pre-intermediate level. Combining these two factors, I simply just didn’t have enough confidence to communicate in English at all in the meeting. You know what? All the big guys were in the meeting room including the President from the client company. Continue reading “Courage and Confidence: The key to start pushing yourself forward”

Author: Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D.

This is the result of the research of 1001 US household (733 were from millionaires). Each had a net worth of $1 million or more. This national survey of 733 millionaires provided much of the empirical base for this book.

I only read a few chapters of this book. Yet, with those ones, I have learned many interesting and useful things from American millionaires. The findings are worth for each of us to think about them. In addition, the results would surprise you and change the way you think. Following are the notes from my reading of the book. You can find the complete content in the book. There is a Vietnamese translation that I tried to do for Vietnamese at the bottom. Please scroll down, if you want to read it in Vietnamese.

Continue reading “Notes from reading The Millionaire Mind (Millionaire Set) Book”

Inspired by all the points in Chapter 2 of the book named “Succeed: How can we reach our goals” by Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, I prepared this one and talked about it in one of the sessions at KMS Toastmaster club. I found it very true about my past when I was a die-hard entity theorist and I was so much focusing on proving myself, instead of experiencing and enriching my life. The chapter articulates well about the thought. I haven’t finished the book yet. Once I do, I may have more presentation to share about the rest of the book.

I created this one for one of my talks at internal ToastMaster club at KMS Technology Vietnam. We’re in software development business and many times we lost our focus on what we need to do to produce software. I hope this can raise the awareness of us about producing a working software as an end result. The beauty is that sometimes we don’t even need to program the software. We can leverage quite a few free tools available to solve almost all of our problems.

This is a presentation I created for internal ToastMaster club at KMS, inspired by a blog article (10 essential tips to be millionaire).

2010 is coming to an end in a few days. I’d like to use my interview with HTV7 channel as a wish for KMS in particular, VN IT in general, to have a great 2011 with more and more work sent into the country. Also, the software industry can get more respect in term of IP in domestic market.

Happy New Year – Tết Tân Mão!


I had the idea to share this observation 4- 5 years ago. Hadn’t yet doing any writing. Till now, once we were in progress to form KMS Music Club, it came right back, real strong that I just sat down and started to write. Continue reading “What makes a band so powerful, once they play a song together?”

It was another usual Saturday for me and my wife. Woke up a little bit late, spent a little time in the morning with my angel BA. Then, me and my wife went out for breakfast and market to buy food for the whole week. It is a sunshine morning, a little bit hot (around 33 Celsius degree). But that should be okay, when you can have a Sat morning, mind free from worries and pressure. Everything is bright and shining. Then, I found out a new song that made my day even better. It was being played as a request from one audience on the VOV Radio – A traffic channel. I loved the song right away with the fast rhythm, beautiful melody and above of all, I like the positive lyrics of the song. Thanks to Minh Quan. You somehow brought back my confidence for the next generation of Vietnamese composers who can compose beautiful, meaningful, and positive songs like this one. Enjoy the song, guys!

Continue reading “Niềm tin khát khao”

At work, at home, we’re hearing as part of our ear’s function. However, are we listening and following what others are trying to communicate? What about active listening?

Here, I’m trying to give the answer based on the content of some slides available from the Internet (29 Career Development Listening Skills, A Little Book Of Listening Skills For The Workplace). Most of the suggestions here are for being applied in the workplace. Yet, at the same time you can find them applicable at home and your daily life. It may take awhile to consume the slides, as well as consume the content. For the sake of simplicity, I would layout here some key points that are easy to remember and practice. A rule of thumb I’m applying here is that no more than 5 bullets to be easier remembering. Continue reading “Are we listening?”

Finally, the day has come, when all of VEMBA 1 HCMC members gathered again to enjoy the fruitfulness of 20 month hard work. The hall was full of laughter, happiness among VEMBA people and families. The event closed one chapter of our lives, while opening another chapter ahead of us. Wishing all the best to VEMBA 1 HCMC. Continue reading “Happy moments, bright faces during VEMBA 1 HCMC’s graduation ceremony – 07/11/2009”

I have been doing presentation for more than 10 years. Surprisingly, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It’s good to see the gap you have between where you are today and where you can be better tomorrow.

These 3 brain rules work for me, not just for doing presentation, but also how I can improve my communication. Continue reading “Present following brain rules”

Found out this one from SlideShare that I think it’s worth to share with everyone. I learned a bit about Business Strategy (didn’t read that much the theory and text book though). Yet, I’m not that satisfied with the business model definition from the class. Why? It simply represents only the 3 views of: Value Proposition, Value Creation and Delivery, and Value Capture. Though it’s simple enough and it’s somewhat useful, I do want to see it a bit more details than that.  Continue reading “Business Model Design and Innovation for Competitive Advantage”

What a wonderful Sunday! Once I scrolled down the road to class (yes, class on Sunday – That’s how we are taking our VEMBA program), I happened to enjoy this free, open-air concert. Sometimes, it was flamenco, the other times it was traditional Vietnamese folk songs. What I got today was a kid band (big one though) who played trumpet. Felt great (before having the final exam today) in my very peaceful and joyful Saigon.