Avatar 2014Last week, after sharing some suggestions to deal with stress, I got a few interesting questions and thoughts from one of my staff that I want to share with you here, along with my thoughts. These are not easy to answer questions for anyone I would say. The other issue is that some things that work for this one person may not work for the other person. Continue reading “Higher position, attachment, greed and how to deal with it?”

Avatar 2014Suddenly, got this meaningful quote in the morning, once turning on my music channel: “The truth will set you free…”

Yes, freedom is from knowing and understanding the truth (not the truth or justice that you see in the news – those are too noisy)… Remember that freedom is the path to happiness, to liberate you.

And that truth is of the meaning of your life, that you want to know. Do you know it?

If you don’t, sit down and meditate. That’s a way of life, a very happy one. You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

This is the note of a happy man, writing to his co-workers on the 7th anniversary of the company called KMS Technology, which he co-founded and has been part of it since then.

Dear all KMSers,

I got Quynh’s (Xuka Lam) status posted here in the morning, reminding me that today is the official anniversary day for KMS, the 7th. And we’re turning 8 from today, officially.

And then, once I viewed all of the photos captured in our YEP2015 last Friday, it easily overwhelmed me. Continue reading “I certainly call this happiness”

The new year 2016 has come. It’s always the good time to look back. And this is one of the things I would like to share again with you on the reading topic. On the way to work today, me and my wife have talked about the fact that whoever can read and commit to read, that are the very ones to have a lot more potential to grow their career and advance their lives. My CEO, her former CEOs, our top co-workers. They are all great readers. Continue reading “Reading, a proven path to advance your life”


Whether you want it or not, believe it or not, the you today is always different than the you yesterday. It doesn’t need to be New Year to change yourself. You’re already changed in each and every minute. 

So, be the new you and be the change in you each and everyday. Change for the better, change for happiness, change for loving kindness. Things like Happy New Year should be a great reminder to look back and change. Do it now. 

If you’re confused and don’t know what to do next, you can sit down, meditate for 10 mins to calm your mind down. And that’s when you start to see what to do next. Go meditate.

Image credit: http://juicemigourmet.com/meditate/

Avatar 2014This is what I have talked in the 1st KMS Manager Meetup last weekend. I hope whoever pursuing management career path would find it useful and applicable to be more successful at work.

Avatar 2014It’s always special once we do this on the stage in front of KMSers. It’s always great moment to watch again and again. We are not professional singers, dancers. But we are very committed to go through all this as a token of appreciation to KMS family.

This is my 10 observations, experiences in the last 5 years from learning meditation and starting doing it. I hope it can inspire you do what I’m doing now by sharing this.

I got interviewed by VTV4 for Bizline program and it was broadcasted last weekend. You can refer to the whole episode below. As part of the growth of this ITO industry in Vietnam for the last 16 years, I have quite many great things and positive things I can tell about ITO. While some people may not consider ITO as a good option for Vietnam, I would think otherwise. As from doing ITO and improving ourselves to climb up to the value chain of software product lifecycle, I am convinced that it is a great means to advance software development workforce in Vietnam. As a side note for ITO industry, we can’t compete in term of scale forever with big population countries like India and China. Yet, we can always secure our future by more added values we climb in the value chain. That’s more sustainable, I would say. That also generates more revenue.

I hope that by sharing my story about reading, it can inspire you to start reading, or to read more. As I believe it is one of the most effective way for you to live a better life.

01This is the opening speech I prepared and delivered at KMS Year End Party, just happened last Friday. It’s a bit of beautiful thing about KMS that I would love to share with you all.

Dear all,

It’s always a great pleasure to be here on the stage to start one of our biggest parties in the year, the Year End Party, to really say goodbye to 2014. Once we look back, it’s easy to see that time is flying fast. And yes, we are here, ready for 2015.  Continue reading “Who fly the kite?”

01Thanksgiving is something far away from Vietnam. Yet, as I am working with my partners and clients in the US everyday, it’s become part of the culture that I also look forward to it every year.

While I don’t do turkey or stuff here, in #‎Saigon, there is one thing I would do on this occasion. As the name of the holiday “Thanksgiving”, I would love to take this chance to do one thing: giving thanks… Words certainly can’t express everything. But at least, it conveys the message. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving 2014”

01During one of the sessions in the leadership development program at my company, KMS, I got an interesting question from a staff in the group. The question was “aHung, I observed that you have the tendency to be close to staff, don’t you be afraid that one day, once it’s too close, people would lose the respect of you?”

Wow, that was one of the best questions I got, once doing training or so. What would you say? Continue reading “A question about respect”

01In a lunch-time discussion with one of my friends today, we have talked about what would it be for an ideally happy job… What an interesting question? And as I usually see, if we don’t ask, we don’t find the answer. So, what is it, Mr. Ideally Happy Job? Continue reading “An ideally happy job?”

01Yesterday, I got an email asking me about if I can give some tips to help the sender to read faster, as he would like to improve his reading. Reading has become a very crucial part of my life in the last 5 years. First of all, I like reading. And at the same time reading motivates me a lot, indeed. I can be all alone the whole day, reading a book. Yet, more importantly, reading is not only just to broaden my knowledge about this world, it also help me to keep an open mind as well. As the more I read, the more I know that I don’t know a lot. Continue reading “How to improve your reading speed?”

This is what I started doing on my Facebook (in 2014).

In the last two weeks, the tension in our East Sea has been the hottest topic in Vietnam, where we are living. While I have the positive belief, built up from the last 4000 years of Vietnam history, it has been a hard feeling observing and seeing things happening in the last two weeks. While I can’t make any direct impact to the situation, I would try a bit. In the next few months, I will try to find beautiful photos about Vietnam and Vietnamese to make them my cover photos. And I hope that it would bring you the beauty of Vietnam and Vietnamese. And I hope that you, as Vietnamese, can do whatever you can do to keep it, our beautiful Vietnam, in a positive way. In the way that we can unite, we can stand together, and we don’t hurt/kill each other (Vietnamese and Chinese). Our Vietnam history has been written by blood in the last 4000 years. And there has been more than enough blood already. We shouldn’t spare more, if we have a chance to save it. It’s hard, yet it’s not impossible.

Continue reading “A beautiful Vietnam”

1068 meter in height, 6 km in length with thousands of stone stair-cases through the mountain, 4 hours walking up, and a few great lessons, reflection from it. And I’m going to share with you what I learned from this experience in this blog post.

The top of Yen Tu mountain

Continue reading “Yen Tu Challenge and the lesson learned”

I have shared this top 5 list in the 27th Offline of CIO Vietnam community. This is based on my 5 years experience with founding, growing and building KMS Technology.

One of the key things I would like to re-emphasize for any businesses who want to build a sustainable success: That is the quote from Mr. Zig Ziglar which I am all for it.

You don’t build business.You build people and people build business.

I hope you will find the list useful for your work, your business.

View the whole presentation below.

Continue reading “Top 5 things to build a success software outsourcing firm out from Vietnam”


I bought this book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh on March 22, 2011 and knew that it is a good one. Yet, I haven’t read it till now, after 2.5 years. It was a fast read. I completed it in 3 days. What I would say is that I agreed with most of the suggestions and practices at Zappos and I believe that if any companies do those principles, it would yield nothing less than happiness and success.  Continue reading “Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh”


Today, it was a very special day in Vietnam, once the whole country was waving goodbye to our Legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap. It really moved me seeing millions of Vietnamese were out there on the street to show the respect to our General. This is the first time in my life to witness this, the unforgettable moment of seeing so many Vietnamese to be this close together. It did give me one thing – the belief. What happened today in the funeral of the great General is because of one and only one thing. That is him, who lived a great life, sacrificing and giving his heart and his blood for the country. And that is how he wins the hearts of millions of Vietnamese. I believe that if you can live a life of fully giving out like him, you’ll be missed, big time. May you rest in peace up there, our great General Vo Nguyen Giap. You have lived your full life for the country and all of us. You’ll be in our hearts. Continue reading ““Can you help me in searching for a meaningful life?””