Question: Big changes during entrepreneur journey?

This is the question I was asked during a talk I gave to Seed the Future Program organized by Shinhan Future’s Lab Vietnam.

Question: Thank you , Mr. Hung. There’s another question from Minh. Do you think there’s any big changes becoming entrepreneur during your time and now?

Watch the full talk here: 8 + 1 ENTREPRENEUR THINGS TALK.

Answer: I think quite a lot. I think quite a lot. At the very beginning then I think that I’m quite confident that I know a lot. But at the end, I think that I don’t know a lot. So that’s a big change. So the more I grow up and the more that I know that I know nothing, I know very little. And that helped me a lot to build my team. Because I don’t, I mean that super team kinda idea is about that. It’s about (you only have a) few things that you are good at. And move on and find the group and the partner with the skills that you don’t have, something that you don’t, you’re not good at. So that’s a big change. I become more mature and become more open and become more independent and eventually I become simpler. So my life now is not that complicated. I can stay at home all day long, one month, two months, three months. I live a very simple life. And I think that’s that’s a achievement for me, doing the entrepreneur journey. But now then the bad news for me is that I don’t, I’m not in the entrepreneur journey anymore. I call myself into the stage called Happiness Journey. I mean, happiness pursuit journey, instead of entrepreneur. So I ended that entrepreneur journey like two years ago. And I’m happy.

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