Question: Enlightenment moment of entrepreneur and how to shorten success?

This is the question I was asked during a talk I gave to Seed the Future Program organized by Shinhan Future’s Lab Vietnam.

Question: We have another question, please. You said: “You realize a lot about entrepreneurship after (creating your) company and become a founder. What kind of situations make you get this enlightenment? And was it when you founded (the company) or achieved great results? And what do we need to shorten the time of such enlightenment?

Watch the full talk here: 8 + 1 ENTREPRENEUR THINGS TALK.

Answer: So people are talking about, a lot about “better away”, “shorter way”. And then to share (with) you the other perspective… So, I go back to the very first part of the question about what makes I become an entrepreneur. So, 12 years ago, actually the group of us who are the co-founders of KMS, we used to work in the same company before, before KMS. And we think that we can do a lot better. But the thing is that we cannot make that decision, in the former company. So, we three of us really sit together and then we talk to ourself that we can really create our own company and then to do a better environment so that we are happy to come into the office each and every day. And then we were coming for that. So that’s the chance that I started to co-found the company. And then it turned out to be a great journey for me. If you can go to KMS’s website and then you can see all of the videos recorded from year-end party or company trip, you will see what I mean. Because you can see the shining eyes in each of us, the staff. We are so happy together. And then I think that’s the enlightenment moment that I want to share. And then I want to really urge you guys to do that.

But then “how do you do it faster?” I don’t have the answer. I don’t really have the answer for that. But my suggestion is that this. Usually, especially the young people, you are so focusing on the end goal. You’re stressed because of the goal that you set. For example, you want to become a millionaire by the year of like by the age of 30. And then you sleep with that goal, each and every day, every night. It becomes stressful for you, depressed for you, meaning that it took away a little bit of your energy every day, (in order) to go closer to that goal. My suggestion is a little different. You know where (you want to) get to, your goal, right? You know the end goal. But don’t sleep with that. Instead of that, just (like) the question I suggest you to ask: “what’s right with the situation?”, meaning that “what would help you?”, “what the process would help you get there?” And (just) focus on the thing you do each and every day. But don’t focus on the end goal. Don’t too much focus on the end goal. (Instead) just enjoy each and every moment that you do, the people that you you meet. If you know that the framework is right, just go on. Do that. Spend the last moment of the day just think about that. And then sleep well. And the next day, go on, do that (again). Amazingly, if you do that, then your end goal, your result would come to you faster. I cannot explain why is that? But that would happen to me. I know that I want that, but I don’t care a lot about whether I have to have that or not. I just head down and do my job. And that’s the time I enjoyed the most, as well as I can really earn that, I mean, get that even faster than anyone else. All right… So in order for you to do that, again, I still recommend you to practice mindfulness, meaning that you observe your thinking, your act, your talking each and every day and change (so) that is suitable with what you want in this life. If you want happiness, you change that to be suitable for happiness. If you want success, you want to become a billionaire, change (yourself) to be suitable for that. And by those small changes each and every day, you would get there. Whether you get there or not, it’s up to you. How long? It’s up to you. You don’t have any shortcut, but then if you do it well, then I believe that you can get there much earlier than anyone else.

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