“What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book?”

I’ve got the above question from Goodreads. It’s quite an interesting question, especially for an author like me. Below is the answer.

I think my life is quite ordinary up till now. I’m different from a lot of people, and from the crowd. But I think that there is no mystery in that, in my life, that I would say it can be a plot for a book. However, I think there is the other “mystery” that can be for many plots of books. That’s the thing I’m on the journey to seek for. That’s my “own self”.

Till now, it’s quite a lot of mysterious for the thing I call “I” or “me”. And the more I find it out, the more I’ll write about it in my next several books. Those are the stories about my truth seeking journey which is equal to my happiness journey as well. It’ll address the most basic question of “Who am I?” Name, position, status, lifestyle, wishes, dreams, achievements, … are not enough. I am looking much more deep insight to see why I am being as I am now. That simple question is quite a big mystery worth many books’ content, I would think.

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