Books are not where people find life solutions?

As an indie author, I am working on keyword research to promote my book, The Happiness Journal, on Amazon. And during the process, I’ve observed an interesting fact that I’m going to share with you here, based on the data I have. Thanks to Publisher Rocket for helping pulling all these data. And the data itself is powerful. See below.

Basically, my first English book, The Happiness Journal, is to “serve” readers with daily sips of cafe for inspiration and motivation toward happiness. So, I started keyword research with the set of keywords above, addressing both sides of happiness, which the other side is suffering represented by the 8 first keywords in the list. I added three more very prime keywords for happiness as in the last 3. The result is a big surprise for me. While people make a lot of search for these keywords on Google per month, it’s not the same with what happens once people search for ebook on Amazon, the largest ebook store on earth. The numbers between the columns are too contrast. What is going on here? Can you tell?

I hope the conclusion is not that books are not where people find life solutions. As I believe people do find solutions from reading books. So, what can I draw from this report?

  • Seems like people don’t use one-word keyword like the ones in the list above to search for books around those topics on Amazon. Yet, they do use those one-word keywords in Google search.
  • As an indie author, knowing this would suggest me to optimize for keywords other than the one-word keywords above. As if I don’t, my book won’t have much of a chance to show in the search result list on Amazon. And no one would ever know my book then.

Phew… the conclusion sounds much better than “Books are not where people find life solutions”. Don’t you agree? What do you think?

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