What makes a band so powerful, once they play a song together?


I had the idea to share this observation 4- 5 years ago. Hadn’t yet doing any writing. Till now, once we were in progress to form KMS Music Club, it came right back, real strong that I just sat down and started to write.

It all happened once I was in the middle of a cafe shop where there was a band playing on the stage. It was sweet time as they played and sang all the old ones with soft and relieving rhythms and lyrics. Once enjoying all of that… suddenly I saw a beautiful thing that linked me to how we work and live up our lives every day. That was the link between how a band plays the music and how we can play in our “band” for living our lives. If I could imagine my team in the company, my family, or my group in MBA class as a “virtual band”, in order to thrive together, I could see a few good lessons from a music band to be applied for the “virtual bands”. What makes them so powerful and thrive in a song, once they play?

    • Passion: If you ever watch a rock band playing, you’ll see that they close their eyes while their hands and bodies naturally follow the rhythms and the music. You can’t miss that passion reflected through their bodies and their moves (Eyes may not be that “soul window” anymore. As they’re closed). They act like nothing else matters. They share the same passion for the song or for whatever they are playing at the time. For the “virtual bands”, you would wish to see the same thing in which everyone shares the same interest, the same wish and each of their activities are for that passion, seamlessly create the signature of the whole band.
    • Teamwork: If you remove any of the band members, you can’t complete the show of a beautiful song. The drummer, the pianist, the accord guitarist, the bass guitarist, the lead guitarist, they all have their own roles in the song which missing any of them would lessen the beauty of the song. They compensate for each other for one and only one objective — to play a beautiful beautiful song.
    • Discipline: Usually, artists like musicians have the stereotype of not well organized people. Yet, once they all come for a song, they all are very disciplined for each and every beat to perform. If anyone of them doesn’t follow it, it can’t never become a song, far far away from a beautiful song.

So, suddenly, once having good time with music at a cafe shop, I got all of these coming together. I realized that life is simple with just a few right principles that you can find and see just anywhere in your daily life. The challenge is whether you can see it or not. And once you experience more, or you are more mature, you would be able to see these more and more in each and every event of your daily life. Do you see these three in your “virtual band”? If you don’t, there should be something you can work on with your “band” (passion, teamwork, or discipline) to play a “beautiful song” for your life and be successful.


Picture from: http://benzironen.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/rock-band-cover-cropped.jpg

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