A beautiful Vietnam

This is what I started doing on my Facebook (in 2014).

In the last two weeks, the tension in our East Sea has been the hottest topic in Vietnam, where we are living. While I have the positive belief, built up from the last 4000 years of Vietnam history, it has been a hard feeling observing and seeing things happening in the last two weeks. While I can’t make any direct impact to the situation, I would try a bit. In the next few months, I will try to find beautiful photos about Vietnam and Vietnamese to make them my cover photos. And I hope that it would bring you the beauty of Vietnam and Vietnamese. And I hope that you, as Vietnamese, can do whatever you can do to keep it, our beautiful Vietnam, in a positive way. In the way that we can unite, we can stand together, and we don’t hurt/kill each other (Vietnamese and Chinese). Our Vietnam history has been written by blood in the last 4000 years. And there has been more than enough blood already. We shouldn’t spare more, if we have a chance to save it. It’s hard, yet it’s not impossible.

Here, I use the space to post the collection of the photos I use on Facebook. It is being updated…

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