Present following brain rules

I have been doing presentation for more than 10 years. Surprisingly, there is still a lot of room for improvement. It’s good to see the gap you have between where you are today and where you can be better tomorrow.

These 3 brain rules work for me, not just for doing presentation, but also how I can improve my communication.

  • Yes, our brain is built for walking and moving. You can’t expect to be creative and bright, if you only sit still in your room, in front of your computer or the TV. Go out, walk and move. You’ll get a lot more into your brain and your life if you commit doing that.
  • The cycle of people losing attention is every 10 minutes. Get them back with stories, exercises, games, and emotional attachments.
  • And vision would trump all other senses.

General Principles for creating a good presentation include:

  • Significant: Can’t find the meaning, don’t present.
  • Structure:
    • Structure Choice:
      • Problem – Pathway – Solution
      • Problem – Solution – Reasoning
      • Fancy stuff (if it makes sense)
    • Rule of 4: Give 3 or 4 reasons / bullets to support your point. They don’t remember more anyway.
  • Simplicity: Simple but not simpler. Inform with little text and create a second version of slide for printing purpose.
  1. One point per slide
  2. Few matching colors
  3. Very few fonts
  4. Picture, not clip art
  • Rehearsal: It never works for the first time. It’s your responsibility to fail the first time with you as audience then be successful with real audiences

The two presentations above themselves are excellent examples of how to apply these rules and improve your next presentation, if you ever want to make it better.

Some other examples for before and after applying some of the rules above can be found below.

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