Business Model Design and Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Found out this one from SlideShare that I think it’s worth to share with everyone. I learned a bit about Business Strategy (didn’t read that much the theory and text book though). Yet, I’m not that satisfied with the business model definition from the class. Why? It simply represents only the 3 views of: Value Proposition, Value Creation and Delivery, and Value Capture. Though it’s simple enough and it’s somewhat useful, I do want to see it a bit more details than that. 

And that’s how I like the approach from Alex better, addressing more perspectives (from core values/capabilities, to methodology, to partnership or the ecosystem, and value proposition, to the links to customers through customer relationship, and the most important is finance component) to first realize the model, then assess the model, then monitor the implementation. It’s better to call this a more systematic approach compared to what I got before. Building the business model using this approach would yield a better picture for reviewer who would buy in the model to debate on different dimensions to improve as well as innovate the model itself.

The slide itself is long and you may find it not as interesting as what I feel. Yet, you can find Alex’s other slides to learn more.

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