Who can bother me?


At the lobby of KMS office, on the way back from lunch, I met up with one of my old friends. We said hello and exchanged some joking questions… “What are you doing here?” I asked. And my friend returned: “To bother you…”

Just a joke and so… But it did spark a thought in my mind. At that moment, I replied “Who can bother me?” That’s an interesting thought. In an absolute reality, the only one can bother you is yourself, your mind. Why? Though everything is happening to you, around you, inside you, … it will be absolutely your mind to process what is happening first. And then present it to you. In that process, the only place can bother you is right once thing can touch you… which is your mind or yourself if you want to call it that way. Once something happens to you or others do something to you, depending on the interpretation of your mind, it will result in bothering or entertaining, good or bad, like or dislike.

Therefore, it is true that no one can bother you, except you. And usually, we forget about that. We don’t see that we have the power to not let anything to bother ourselves by seeing this truth and change our thoughts, attitude, and responses to what is happening to us.

Who can bother you? It’s only you can do that, remember. And if you’re aware of this and fix your thoughts, attitude, responses toward what is happening to you, one day, no one can bother you any longer.

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