Guided meditation scripts – Theravada tradition

This is the first time I tried this. It is for my two newly met friends, who wanted to meditate in Vietnam. As they are foreigners, I can’t send them the original scripts in Vietnamese of my master, Su Tam Phap. What I did was to translate the script to English and record them by my voice. And here it is. While it is still not the perfect version or translation or such those things, I hope it’s useful and usable to my foreigner friends. Try and let me know…

Meditators beware of the following important things, once meditating. In brief, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than the below to meditate daily and maintain the habit of meditation.

  • 3 DOs: Relax your body, relax your mind, and be aware (observe)
  • 3 NOs: No expectation, no objection, not trying to change
  • HOW:
    • Sitting Meditation: Sit, breath, and relax
    • Lying meditation: Lie, breath, and relax
    • Standing meditation: Stand, breath and relax
    • Walking meditation: Walk and relax

There are 3 scripts for standing, lying, and sitting meditation. Usually, you can do standing – sitting. Or lying and then sitting. Or actually any combination that you feel you want to do. Hope you can find these useful and usable. The content of the scripts are translated from the latest scripts recorded in the meditation class with Su Tam Phap (

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