“Can you help me in searching for a meaningful life?”


Today, it was a very special day in Vietnam, once the whole country was waving goodbye to our Legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap. It really moved me seeing millions of Vietnamese were out there on the street to show the respect to our General. This is the first time in my life to witness this, the unforgettable moment of seeing so many Vietnamese to be this close together. It did give me one thing – the belief. What happened today in the funeral of the great General is because of one and only one thing. That is him, who lived a great life, sacrificing and giving his heart and his blood for the country. And that is how he wins the hearts of millions of Vietnamese. I believe that if you can live a life of fully giving out like him, you’ll be missed, big time. May you rest in peace up there, our great General Vo Nguyen Giap. You have lived your full life for the country and all of us. You’ll be in our hearts.

This event also reminds me one question I got the other day: “Can you help me in searching for a meaningful life?” The General has lived a very meaningful life, I believe. How about each of us? Do you ask this question about how to live a meaningful life? What would you say, if you get this question?

I posted it on LinkedIn and Facebook to see what my friends would say. And here are some responses:

  • Can’t find if we search, we have to earn it. Right?
  • I would say that “We don’t need to search because we can make it ourselves”
  • Sure! Lets start by defining “meaning+ful” in your own terms!
  • I would say “Do what you love as tomorrow may never come” 🙂
  • Start by asking yourself why you are searching for a meaningful life and what do you mean.

Once I got this question the other day, it arrived in a long email of a young person. I decided to meet him for a longer talk. During the conversation, I suggested the young guy one thing. That is to find the answer to the question “Who are you?” It may need your whole lifetime to find that answer. Yet, the more you work on it, the better you can live a meaningful life. Because that is for you to know about why you are here on earth. That’s my real experience in the last 10 years, once I started to ask that question “Who are you?”. Answering that question is a journey. And I believe that is a fulfilling journey.

And the more I am with the journey, the more I know that it’s who I know that matters. The most valuable asset I have is the people I know. The most value asset I would leave in this world is what I can help/give to others.

Today, I have witnessed the funeral of a Great Person, our Legendary General. And he is a great sample of how to live a meaningful life.

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