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Happiness Pursuit

Oh the wind in my hair
It sings my song (sings my song, sings my song)
To be a wanderer and to go home

Where is your home? Your real home?

  • Ultimate goal: happiness. Yet, most of us fail
  • Suggestion? Be able to be your true self, be honest to yourself. Not appear or prove to anyone about our happiness. Be happy for yourself.
  • Important things: relationship, self-esteem, and 24hrs
  • What is important to your life? Belief, health, finance, relationship, learning
  • Criteria self assess? Simpler, more open, more independent, more compassion
  • Important questions for your life?
  • In conclusion, start investing to understand more about yourself. Regularly grant yourself mini rest.
  • And one last thing: Back to the definition of home?