The Happiness Journal [In progress]

Yesterday, finally, I was able to publish my very first book in Vietnamese on Amazon. It’s currently available in Kindle format. That’s really a special milestone of my life, switching from an entrepreneur to an author and a speaker. Gratefully, I got many positive feedback, reviews from my friends for the book thus far. I’m so happy about that.

While I’m currently working with a famous publisher in Vietnam to release the paperback version to Vietnam market, I’m eagerly starting my very first book in English now. That’s the English version of the book I released yesterday. Tentatively, I would call the book “The Short Notes About Happiness”. Mostly, I’ll try to convert the content from Vietnamese into English. But more than that, I’ll add some content from those English written blog posts I already have on my web site. That’s the difference between the Vietnamese version and the English version.

I’m quite emotional now. Wish me luck, okay :)? Thanks!

P.S. After sharing this to my friends, in the next morning, I got suggestions to use the word “journal” for the book’s title. I think it’s a great one suggestion and I have changed the title to “The Happiness Journal”. Thanks chị Hường for all these…


This is really a special gift I would save for my friends, who I have had chances to meet and influence in some certain aspects of their lives. My friends, you can find here those stories and thoughts that I usually share once we chat. But even beyond that, I do save this book as a gift to anyone who are carrying on in your mind less or more those worries, those fears, those insecure feelings, while still having to fight with this very life each and everyday to pursue happiness for yourselves. I hope my very experiences in the last 10 years of a U50 would bring a lot of inspiration and suggestions to you. And from there, you can work on it to build a practical direction, to nobly, confidently, fulfillingly live your life to the full of it – A Happiness Journey


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