The First blog post


I’ve got this domain name ( several days ago. However, I haven’t done anything with it. Probably, I was too busy at work and in the class and at home. Weird, but it sounds like work comes as my first priority, then class and then home. This means family is the last thing on the list. Weird ya know! But does sound natural to everyone!

Ah yes, going back to this web site… Yesterday (Sat, 3/7/2009) seemed like a good and motivating day for me. While I was in the class, listening to the professor and at the same time trying to set up the web site. It’s nothing much like a complicated thing to do. Rather than that, it is just a start for my own web site. Thanks to technology and open source communities nowadays. It’s dirt cheap to buy a domain. It’s almost free to host the site. It’s free with Joomla to set up your CMS. It’s totally free to have this web site template. How does that sound? Free and easy, yet quite high quality, right?

Yes, yesterday seemed like a good day for me. I found a good template with that skiing guy. I don’t know how to ski. But I’m sure one thing that the guy up in the sky like that would be happy, be proud, be fulfilled. Everyone wants just that, right? The sense of happiness. However, not that everyone can have that. I’m in the journey to pursue my happiness. And I wish to be up in the sky like that guy, each and everyday (probably too demanding:-), but that should not be a problem). Everyday is higher is my commitment for being thrived and fulfilled with my life.

Through this web site, I would want to share each of my happy moments or any good stuffs that I happen to know. And would hope it can motivate whoever reach this web site.

Yes, yesterday was my good day. And I wanted to share that moment with you!

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